When meat meets

Many cultures mix different kinds of meat in one dish. These illustrated recipe cards show the combination in four european meals, for example mixing pork and fish in „Kalakukko“ (Finland).  


This project is about re- and up-cycling the „Arial“ font, which in the eyes of some typographers is „a parasite of Helvetica“. I used the letters to built patterns and added a small booklet which contains a text written by the typographer Mark Simonson.  

Seeds and Roots

„SEEDS AND ROOTS“ is an art magazine about african artists/designers and european artists/designers, who are influenced by african culture. It contains several articles and interviews with creative people, having a connection to Africa.

Ana Mendieta – Iowa & Mexico

Ana Mendieta is a person, whose history as a strong woman and passionate artist impressed me deeply. For that I researched a lot and designed two booklets about the important stations in her life. Please be aware, that this post contains some violent and nude pictures!